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For centuries, the TechWarriors have been among the most highly praised warriors on the planet. Face your own personal challenge and fight for glory, honour and credits! Become the most famous TechWarrior of the century!

You require nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to play TechWarrior. Click on "Register" and enter the universe of the TechWarriors! Registration is quite easy, doesn't cost you anything and there is no further obligation on your part.

Once you have registered you find yourself on the overview page of your RPG character. Here you can find important information about your character and also your recruiting-link, which you can use to find recruits in the far reaches of the internet by placing the link appropriately. For example, you can send the link to your friends, place it on your homepage or use it as a signature in forums. If a prospective recruit clicks on your link, you receive 1-3 credits as a reward! If your visitor registers a TechWarrior account on the same server, you have recruited a new TechWarrior and you receive 25% of the credits that that the new recruit receives from his/her own victims in the internet! Once the character(s) you have created via your recruiting-link has reached level 3, you receive 50 Gold and 1 Experience Point! You can invest your Gold in training for your pilot or you can buy upgraded weapons, armour and modules for your tech. If you have enough credits and the appropriate level, you can also buy bigger and better techs

In addition to the Hunt in the internet, you can also directly attack other TechWarriors and steal their credits. Your pilot's attributes and equipment play a vital role in these attacks, please see "Overview" for more information.

Here you can see all of the vital information for your character, your tech and its current equipment and condition. You also see detailed statistics about your past battles and can find a list of the pilots you have recruited so far. You can also train the attributes of your pilot and equip your tech with better weapons, armour and modules:

The attributes of your pilot:

Control Knowledge
The more control you have over your tech, the better you can use your tech to defeat your enemies.
Armour Knowledge
As you increase your understanding of the characteristics of your armour, you reduce the damage resulting from enemy attacks.
Weapons Knowledge
The more you increase your understanding of the weapons at hand, the more damage you can cause to your enemies.
This attribute determines your ability to tactically outsmart your opponent. Players with a high tactics attribute can often defeat stronger opponents! If your tactics are much more highly trained than those of your enemy, you can often attack several times consecutively before your opponent even has a chance to respond!
You receive experience points when you fight characters that have the same or a higher level than you. You get 2 Points if you defeat a character of a higher level. When you have amassed enough experience, you are promoted to the next level.

The attributes of your tech:

This attribute tells you how much damage to armour you can absorb; this is always a maximum value. This attribute can be increased by purchasing the appropriate module (e.g., an armour module).
This attribute tells you how much damage to shielding you can absorb; this is always a maximum value. This attribute can be increased by purchasing the appropriate module (e.g., a shielding module).
Damage to armour
Here you can see how much damage your tech can cause to enemy armour.
Damage to shielding
Here you can see how much damage your tech can cause to enemy shielding.
Ranged damage to armour
Here you can see how much ranged damage your tech can cause to enemy armour. Ranged weapons against armour are rockets, for example. Please note that rockets only cause 50% of their normal damage when used as a close-range weapon!
Ranged damage to shielding
Here you can see how much ranged damage your tech can cause to enemy shielding. A plasma cannon is one example of a ranged weapon against shielding. Please note that these cannons only cause 50% of their normal damage when used as a close-range weapon!
Reactor capacity (Energy)
This attribute determines how many battle rounds your tech can hold out. A high value means that your tech can carry out many battle rounds, which can decide a battle in your favour even when you are fighting stronger enemies!
Structural integrity
Here you can see the physical condition of your tech. If the structural integrity falls below 25, you can neither go on missions nor attack other techs!

In the hangar you can alter the equipment for your tech. You can remove weapons or modules and equip your tech with new weapons, modules and action modules from your inventory.

You can also repair your tech; each 5 points of structural integrity restored directly costs you 1 credit. Also, your tech regenerates structural integrity automatically; 10% of the maximum structural integrity is restored per hour as the base regeneration rate. To increase the rate of regeneration, you can upgrade your hangar. Each upgrade level made to your hangar adds 2% to the current regeneration rate. For example, if your hangar is at level 3, your tech will regenerate 16% of its maximum structural integrity each hour!

Here you can purchase new and better weapons and modules for your tech. The modules and weapons only increase the attributes of your tech after they have been installed. To install the new items, click on the "Equip" button under the image of your tech. You can also buy action modules here; more information about action modules is found in the Action modules section of the game manual.

Action modules can be placed in the requisite slots in your tech, similar to normal modules. Action modules are then activated during a battle and are active for one or more rounds; you can determine an individual activation time for each action. Once an action module has been activated, it is destroyed and must be replaced with a new module if desired. In the shop you can find a detailed description of each action module's affects. For example, you can use smoke grenades to disorient and confuse your opponent or use a repair module to repair your tech during battle, providing you with an edge over your opponent
You can individually determine when an action module should be activated, either by selecting in which round the module should be used or by determining whether a certain amount of structural damage (i.e., you can set the module to activate when your tech has less than 70% of its full structural integrity) to your tech should act as a trigger to activate a particular module.
If you set 2 modules to activate in the same round, only one module will be used in that round; only one module can be used per round. In this manner you can be sure that one module of a certain type will be activated per battle, so, for example, if you cannot be online for a while you can set 3 repair modules to activate in the 1st round and this will occur for 3 separate battles. If you are unsure, you can simply use the default "Random" setting. The random setting will activate the module in a randomly chosen round, but it's possible that the module will not be activated if the battle is not long enough and that round does not occur!
Modules that have the same type of effect are not additive; in other words, if you have 1 module active that increases energy damage by 30% for 3 rounds and then activate a module that increases energy damage by 20% in the next 2 rounds, then you only receive the 20% bonus in those 2 rounds!

On the black market you you can buy various items such as synthetic skill-enhancing drugs, which temporarily improve the abilities of your tech pilot, or NanoBots, which accelerate repairs to your tech. Take heed! Drugs are also illegal in the world of TechWarrior; if you are caught using them, you will face penalties!

If you have enough credits and the required level, you can buy a better tech here. Your present tech will be sold automatically and you receive 50% of the original purchase price. You keep any modules that were installed. The price shown already includes the resale value of your old tech, therefore the price shown is the number of credits you need to buy the new tech!

Here you can send your pilot to work. The higher your pilot's level, the higher the hourly wage becomes for working in the job-centre. You can send your pilot to work for 1-12 hours.

Here you can send messages to other players and read and answer incoming messages. You can also view the attack and defence reports form your battles against other techs.

Here you can seek out and challenge other techs to a battle! You can either search for a specific opponent if you know the name or you can randomly search for opponents. If you win the battle against your enemy, you receive 5-10% of his current supply of credits. Each player can only be attacked once every 60 minutes and you can only attack the same player once each 12 hours (but that player can attack you after one hour!). Players whose structural integrity has dropped below 25 can neither attack nor be attacked and they cannot go on any missions until the structural integrity has reached 25. You can attack other players every 15 minutes (as a Premium player every 5 minutes). The structural integrity can never drop below one point, regardless of the outcome of the battle! You receive 1 Experience Point for each battle against players of the same level (whether you won or lost) or a higher level (if you lost); if you win against players of a higher level, you receive 2 points! If the battle is undecided, each player receives 1 point! If you attack very weak opponents (5 or more levels lower than your current level) and win the battle, you will lose experience points as a penalty, because attacks of this nature are dishonourable!

Battle sequence
Battles between techs take place in alternating rounds; the attacker always attacks first. The number of rounds is determined by the size and the reactor capacity of the techs. Each battle round drains 1-2 points of reactor capacity in small techs, while large techs consume more reactor capacity per round.
Before the start of the first battle round, each tech fires its ranged weapon(s) (rockets or plasma cannon). There are 2 types of ranged weapons; the first category consists of projectile weapons and rockets, which damage the armour of the enemy tech. The second category is energy weapons, which are used to damage the shielding of the enemy tech. The offensive damage listed for the techs is always the maximum value, the actual damage caused can be anywhere from 50-100% of the listed damage.
The armour value and shielding value are also maximum values. The actual amount of damage absorbed will be between 80% and 100% of the maximum value. If the tactics attribute of one player is less than 50% of that of the opponent, it is possible that the player with the lower tactics level will remain inactive for a round because all attacks in that round were ineffective.
During a battle action modules can be activated if the conditions selected for their use are met. Each player can use one action module per round. If you and your opponent activate action modules that have counteracting effects in a certain round, the effects negate one another. In other words, if you use an action module that increases your chance to hit by 20% and your opponent uses a module that decreases your chance to hit by 30%, then you have a net decrease of 10% in your chance to hit. Since battles generally take place over many rounds and there are many modules with different effects, this type of situation is quite improbable. In any case, action modules provide you with the opportunity to affect the outcome of a fight as it is taking place and open up new avenues to develop tactics to overcome your enemy.
The player causing the most damage during the battle always wins the fight; however, if the structural integrity of one of the players falls below 10 points, that player loses automatically!

You can also go on missions here, which brings you loot, credits and experience if you are successful. You can go on missions for 1 hour per day (as a Premium player for 2 hours daily); the mission time is reset server-side once per day at the same time for all players! While on a mission, you can't perform any other actions in the game, such as training your pilot or buying items in the shop.

Several TechWarriors can join forces to form a clan here. By clicking on Clan, you can either search for a clan to join or, once you reach level 3, you can form your own clan. Once you have joined a clan or created your own clan, you will see a menu with several options listed under the Clan link. As a clan administrator you can accept new members, grant admin privileges and kick clan members. You can also upgrade you clan fortress; the larger the fortress, the more members your clan can hold. The clan requires donations of credits by the clan members in order to upgrade the clan fortress.

As the name suggests, you can change your game settings by clicking on the "Settings" link. For example, you can add some background RPG information about your character or create a text to be sent to potential recruits when they click on your Victim Link! If you have a Premium account, you can upload an avatar for your character and change the character and tech name as often as you please.

Here you can activate various Premium packages or directly exchange Platinum for Credits. Platinum can be purchased under "Platinum" in the main menu. You can either directly purchase Platinum or earn free Platinum in the "Cash for action" section. You can also receive Platinum as a bonus if you make a purchase through one of our deal united partners.
TechWarrior can be played completely free of charge, but by purchasing Platinum you have many chances to make playing easier and more fun and to activate special features and options not normally available. If you have questions about the Premium packages, Platinum, or the payment systems, you can send a mail to

1) Players have no legal claim to a game account.
2) Players must heed instructions given by the game operator and the game and forum administration.
3) Spamming or flooding public forums, bulletin boards or chats with recruit Links is forbidden and can lead to deletion of all game accounts involved.
4) All bugs (defects resulting from the game programming) must be reported to the TechWarrior Team immediately. Intentional use of a known bug for personal gain will result in the deletion of any accounts involved in the bug-using.
5) Multi-accounts (more than 1 Account per USER per SERVER) and any other form of cheating are forbidden and any game accounts involved in violations of these rules are subject to immediate deletion. Farming (attacks on your own multiaccounts or the accounts of other player who prepare the account(s) for your attack) will result in account deletion with NO warning and NO exceptions!
6) The use of scripts, bots and similar programmes to automate actions in the game will result in deletion of your account. Scripts/Bots include programmes that carry out actions of any kind in the game automatically or through manual control by the user. Such actions include reading data directly from the game-server or the pages making up the game. This includes the use of link exchanges and all internet services that make possible automatic clicking of personal links!
7) The accounts of players who insult other players or members of the TechWarrior Team may be deleted without notice.
8) Players are not allowed to sell parts of the game or game accounts on internet auction sites or anywhere else; any accounts involved will be deleted with no warning. Game accounts may be traded for Jewel/Premium tickets or accounts on other RMS game servers, but the players carrying out the trade assume the responsibility for the transaction. Neither RedMoon Studios nor the game support staff will settle disputes arising from account trades!
9) The accounts of players who log into the account of another player without permission or hack player accounts will be deleted.
10) The game and/or game-board accounts of players with offensive, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or right-wing extremist character names or clan names/tags are subject to immediate deletion.
11) The accounts of players sending offensive, pornographic, illegal, sexist, or politically radical (Neo-Nazi, racist etc.) in-game messages or game board PMs or players with such content in their descriptions (whether text or pictures) are subject to immediate deletion.
12) We want to expressly state that each player is solely responsible for the distribution of his/her own Victim Link. We will assume absolutely no responsibility for consequences arising from the improper placement of Victim Links in public chats, guest books, boards or forums if the player has violated any rules by placing the Victim Link there.
13) unauthorised takeovers of clans after a clan fusion has been completed or ANY takeovers involving logging or hacking into to the accounts of other players will lead to the deletion of your own account!
14) Spamming or deliberately annoying or provoking other players via in-game message or per forum PM is forbidden. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders will be deleted! Repeat attacks are NOT a form of harassment!
15) Sending other players in-game messages or forum PM containing invitations to join your clan is forbidden. There are threads in the game forum intended to provide you with a means to advertise for your clan. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders are subject to deletion!
16) Recruit links must be clearly recognisable as a recruit link and the victim must have a chance to decide whether or not he/she wants to be bitten. The use of shortlinks, popups or pages containing multiple recruit links that automatically open is forbidden and may result in account deletion! Recruit links must be placed in such a manner that the actual address is visible upon mouseover, but you can use a text tag to "disguise" the link.
17) The distribution of any tools/bots/scripts intended to manipulate TechWarrior is forbidden and will result in the deletion of the game accounts involved. See also Rule 6)
18) The content of clan or character descriptions may not distort the pages and frames used in the game (Maximum width = 530 pixels!). The use of senseless texts, images or empty space is forbidden if the sole purpose of the content is to lengthen the description and make attacks difficult.
19) Player names and battle reports may be posted in clan or character descriptions BUT must be removed immediately if the player requests removal of the information and using the information in an insulting manner is of course forbidden!

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